Screen Capture of Drive-Level CSS Tester

CSS View 30
This is a view of all 30 drives. For each drive it shows only the serial number, cycles completed and number of failures .

CSS View 6
This is an expanded view of the first 6 drives. Notice the additional test details available. The statistics for failures are blank, because no failures occurred.

CSS View 3

This view show the surface scan results of the first three drives. The drive name and serial number were read directly from the drive. Total sectors is the capacity of the drive, since the scan zone was set to the entire drive. The system records six different errors including: program function, ASPI code, tost code, target code, sense info and additional sense info. The error shown is a minor error which the drive handled automatically.


CSS View Settings

This view details in one screen all of the settings for this row of drives. The zero for Scan Zone 1 Track Size is converted to the full drive (since last cylinder may not be known).

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Last updated on: May 18, 1999