Property Inspector 2.1

Automate VI search, analysis and edit operations easily and run free community scripts on multiple VIs.

ABCDEF updates their developer productivity utililty that easily searches and edits properties of multiple VIs simultaneously to help save development time and optimize product quality. Additionally, it is powerful analytical tool. It quickly performs over 60 operations that would otherwise be impracticle, if not impossible with standard LabVIEW.

Property Inspector screenshot
Property Inspector searches all the items in your project based on 28 VI properties including Allow Debugging, VI Description, Date Modified and Separate Compiled Code. 14 of the specified search properties can be automatically modified for all selected VIs. Powerful string manipulation functions will prepend, append, replace or remove the entire field.

Quickly find all VIs in the project by:

  • Blank Description
  • Default Description (Use this template to...)
  • Broken State
  • Allow Debugging Enabled
  • Auto Error Handling Enabled
  • Older LabVIEW Version
  • Obsolete Runtime Menu
  • High Data Size before execution
  • Not loaded In Memory
  • Re-entrancy On or Off
  • Re-entrancy Pre-allocate or Shared
  • Highest Revision Number
  • Modification Date or Status
  • Separate Compiled Code from Source Code

This utility is very versatile and configurable. Select only the columns you want to display to search for the properties that most fit your requirements. Sort the results by any column. Enable only the project items relevent to your needs. Search within the existing result by a different item to narrow the scope.

Open a project, LVLib or LVClass file. Easily delete files not in memory or broken. Save selected items or the entire results list. Easily set or remove password protection for the selected items. Open dozens of front panels or block diagrams together and close them in a single operation.

Powerful scripting capability allows many more operations with just a small amount of custom code. Download popular Quick Drop plugin scripts from the Quick Drop Enthusiasts page and apply them to all or some of your VIs at once. Choose the front panel or the block diagram as the target. There are many VI Analyzer plugin scripts available on the VI Analyzer page. These scripts analyze many element of code structure and can be quickly modified to change the code. A custom VI Script can return a failure and PI can reselect the items that failed. This allows custom search criteria.

This product is available on the LabVIEW Tools Network. Download a free 30 day trial with unrestricted usage.

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Search and Edit

  • Allow Debugging
  • Auto Error Handling
  • Description
  • History Text
  • Log File Path
  • Modified (cleared by saving)
  • Protection
  • Re-entrant
  • Reentrancy Type
  • Revision Number
  • Run Time Menu Path
  • Same as VI Name
  • Separate compiled code from source
  • Show VI when called
  • Window Title

    String Edit Modes:

  • Match
  • Prepend
  • Append
  • Replace
  • Remove
  • Search Only

  • ALL fields
  • Block Diagram Size
  • Callers
  • Code Size
  • Data Size
  • Date Modified
  • Execution State
  • Front Panel Data Size
  • In Memory
  • Item Name
  • Item Path
  • Item Type
  • LV Version
  • Target

    Compare Modes:

  • 5 String comparisions
  • 2 boolean comparisons
  • 2 numeric comparisons
  • Examples

    Here are several useful examples of search and edit operations.  The search and edit settings are expressed exactly as it appears on the screen.  Some examples show the edit operation after the semi-colorn with sample edit text and notes in parenthesis.

    1. Description Starts With "Use this template to build"; remove
    2. Description Is Blank/0/False; replace Description of each VI (then press Next to go to the next VI)
    3. Allow Debugging Is Not Blank/0; Remove (remove will disable Allow Debugging)
    4. Execution State Equals "Bad"
    5. Data Size Greater Than "100K"
    6. VI Version Less Than "11"
    7. In Memory Is Blank/0/False (locates all VIs not in memory)
    8. Path Starts With C: (locates all VIs not under the project path)
    9. Reentrancy Type Contains Pre; Replace S
    10. Is Re-entrant Not Blank/>0/True (finds all re-entrant VIs)
    11. Date Modified Less Than 2010
    12. Separate compiled code from source code Is Blank/0/False; Replace True


    Last updated on: March 27th, 2017