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Revision History:

Revision February 6th, 2019 (see Help PDF)

Features disabled in the free version:
  • Edit all selected VIs in a single click
  • Powerful scripting options allow custom search and edit operations with very little programming
  • Multiple VIs can be deleted from the project in multiple locations including LLBs in a single click
  • The resulting list can be exported for further analysis

Revision History:

Revision February 6th, 2019 (see Help PDF)

  • Added more Error checking to Launcher VI
  • Added Minor LV Version number to sorting
  • Added more specific processing messages
  • Added new Object Types: Control - Typedef, Control - Strict TD, DAQmx, Variable
  • Added new properties: Class, Clones, Code Complexity,File Size, Inline SubVI, Inline is Allowed, Library, Monitor, Suspend when Called, Show menu bar, Total Data Size, Window Behavior, Window Transparently, Execution Priority, Preferred Execution System
  • Added PERSISTENT SELECTION™ when searching, sorting and filtering
  • Added progress bar centered at bottom
  • Added separate Object Filters for Typedefs and Strict Typedefs
  • Added Timestamp for Class Private Data
  • Added Timestamp for LLB folders
  • Added viewing and editing Separate Code for Classes and Libraries
  • Fixed issue with Refresh Selected
  • Fixed sort by Item Type
  • Fixed issue running VI Scripts
  • Improved project load times
  • Memory values are now calculated as 1K = 1024
  • Moved blank LV Version to end of list when sorting
  • Searches project folder for virtual folders and LLBs to find date and size
  • Update selection count of previous count when Update Selection on Failure is enabled
  • Updates Timestamp after running scripts
  • Updated ALL parameter for better consistency
  • Updated ALL parameter to allow for GLOBAL EXCLUSION™ condition


YouTube: Property Inspector 2 Quick Intro (3:22)

YouTube: Property Inspector 2 Introduction (6:19) 

YouTube: PI2 Demo at NI Week 2016 (6:00) 

Full Presentation from the LabVIEW Architects Forum Q2 2016 (40:56)

How to Edit over 1000 VIS in Under 2 Minutes Using Scripting (15:05)

Revision History:

Revision November 6th, 2018

  • Fixed issue with Separate Compiled Code
  • Fixed issue filtering Classes and Libraries
  • Fixed issue with Trim Descriptions
  • Fixed Sort by Target
  • Fixed Search by Same as VI Name
  • Fixed name when a single VI is selected and filter is on
  • Fixed issue with Search Example 12
  • Update selection count when using Update Selection on Failure
  • Added Error checking to Laucher VI
  • Added Table of Contents to Help PDF

Known Issues

  • Alliance Partner link has changed
  • VI Scripts are not updated properly

Version March 20th, 2017 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed problem with license activation. This version must be purchased after evaluation.
  • Fixed some controls not in memory
  • Fixed status with one item selected
  • Fixed VI Script dynamic template
  • Fixed Refresh Selected Items reverting back
  • Prevented sorting when moving column dividers
  • Sorts Items without Date Modified to the bottom
  • Sorts LV Version as numbers, not strings
  • Scripts only save the VI if it was modified
  • Added control-Open VIs to show multiple block diagrams
  • Added Show Block Diagrams to pull down menu
  • Added LLB support for VI Analyzer scripts
  • Added Show VIs in Project to pull down menu
  • Added support for targets, added new column
  • Added Separate Compiled Code from Source property
  • Added Show Front Panel when Called property
  • Added number of callers property
  • Added Update Selections on VI Script Failures enabling a script to create custom selection criteria
  • Added Reload Project to resynchronize with the current project
  • Added two common functions to VI Script
  • Replaced example with Separate Compiled Code is false

Version, February 29, 2016 (see Help PDF)

  • Fixed some Class members show as Not In Memory
  • Fixed RunTime Menu and Revision Number not sorting
  • Fixed invalid object types
  • Suppressed Error dialog for no errors
  • Added date modified prompt for year and mm/dd/yy
  • Added Date Modified starts with and equals searches
  • Added document, class private data and property definition types
  • Added double-click on results to open VI
  • Improved process timer
  • Improved results display

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Last updated on: March 5th, 2019